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How it all started …

After years of working as a medical doctor in Germany, Argentina and many other parts of the globe, Dr. Neuberger enters a completely new world in his mid 30’s: As a project manager for an international cosmetics company, he takes his first steps in an environment bound to become his professional future. Not long after he decides to branch out and start his own business, invoking what has already accompanied him as a doctor and scientist: The positive influence of cosmetics on the inner well-being.

Due to his inherent and persistent entrepreneurial spirit, he has an urge for diverse and innovative design possibilities for a field of work outside of medicine and for beauty. Since 2010 he implements his brand messages and humanitarian approach, based on self-realization cooperation for his employees through the KTN Dr. Neuberger Ltd. His own philosophy of life has become the mission statement of the company: “Here I am human, here I want to be.”

The secret to our success is courage!

For Dr. Tobias Neuberger the key to success lies in a fulfilling workplace, that enables him and his employees to freely express themselves, and to promote change and/as well as their individual strengths.

Our constantly growing company was created out of the passion for beauty and lifestyle. Our customer portfolio includes partners in various industries: from drugstores, e-commerce businesses, perfumeries and warehouses, to hypermarkets as well as stationary- and toy stores. Our partners also profit from our extensive network of influencers and make-up artists.

The secret to our success is courage! Ever since 2010 we follow our hearts and collectively shape projects with lots of passion.

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