Our Brands

Boulevard de Beauté

Boulevard de Beauté is our featured brand for promotional items, gift sets and Advent calendars with decorative cosmetics, modern accessories, varied care products and perfumes for women and men.

The products of the brand Boulevard de Beauté combine a focus on timeless and classical concepts with current trends to create highly marketable/sellable items.

Boulevard de Beauté stands for short trend cycles and a high item fluctuation. The collections form the basis of our product range.

They equally take up current trends, limited offers and themes – like f. ex. Valentine’s Day, Day of the Kiss or Christmas. Customized products suited to the specific needs of our customers complement the portfolio of the Boulevard de Beauté brand.


fesh! is the beauty- and lifestyle brand for twens and young adults. We follow current trends and social media influences.

fesh! Is comprised of two product lines: Pink Line for decorative cosmetics & accessories and White Line for bathing additives and care products.

The variety of product categories and packaging concepts as well as the changing collection make these beauty and lifestyle products to a special event. You’ll just have to sample, test, buy, like & share them!


Tiny Boss

Since 2021 a new kid’s/children’s brand expands the portfolio of the KTN DR. Neuberger Ltd.: Tiny Boss. The brand appeals to boys and girls, because who’s got the last say in the family? Yep, the tiny bosses!

The brand includes colorful cosmetics, fashionable accessories and awesome bath products for boys and girls.

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Licensed brands

Shopping Queen

The young and modern beauty- and lifestyle format “Shopping Queen” on VOX is not just famous for its honest and ironic TV presenter/show host Guido Maria Kretschmer. Every week, the attention-grabbing stylings (styling themes) draw a large crowd of beauty-and fashion heads in front of the TV to watch the battle for the Shopping Queen crown.

PAW Patrol

Paw Patrol is a furtastic story about the adventures of a bunch of dog pals. The dogs are popular with boys and girls alike, and the series is among the most successful formats in the pre-school segment.

Lizenzen_Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 4


Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir – is an action packed French tv-series. Just as exciting and beautiful as the main characters of the series are our products that turn boys and girls into little heroes keen on adventure.

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A DreamWorks tv-series about a girl named Lucky, her horse Spirit, her best friends, and their beloved horses in a world full of terrific adventures. The authentic look of the series combined with the theme of horses caters directly to girls.

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The happy, singing trolls, known for their colorful hairdo inspired our equally colorful products. If you love the funny and thrilling stories with their emotional songs and unique characters you just got to have our matching kids’ products.

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