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Our Corporate Responsibility

With our effort and our products, we have a positive influence on the lives of people, animals, and the environment; we realized that this not only requires a great deal of commitment within the DR. NEUBERGER GROUP. It is time to take action; we have gone above and beyond to take on this entrepreneurial responsibility. Our values, the way we deal with each other, and a strong sustainable and social commitment is reflected in the products we make.

Our Motto: PRO Planet, People & Paws – To represent our corporate responsibility.

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Pro Planet

Sustainability towards our customers, our employees, and the environment is at the center of our actions. That is why it was of utmost importance for us to take the first step into the right direction and counterbalance our CO2 emissions through tree donations - recognizable through Naturefund's Blue Planet Certificate

Blue Planet Certificate

We are climate partners:
CO2compensation through trees

Naturefund is a non-profit nature conservation organization, whose goal is to preserve habitats for the diversity of animals and plants. It is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Naturefund's Blue Planet Certificate specifically protects natural ecosystems through reforestation.As Naturefund's climate partner, we have been supporting the organization since 2020 with a monthly tree donation, thereby neutralizing our CO2-Emission.

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Demonstrably climate neutral

We design and produce our packaging in such a way that it can be easily recycled and returned to the material cycle. This way, we avoid waste and promote sustainable development.

We have been recycling with BellandVision since 2008 and additionally with Landbell since 2020, which is represented through the ‘Grünen Punkt’ on our products.

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PRO People

In addition to the social and respectful approach within the DR. NEUBERGER GROUP, we also support many social projects and aid youth programs..

Our corporate culture – Our values

Corporate Philosophy: „Hier bin ich Mensch, hier will ich sein.“

A sustainable relationship based on trust and respectful interaction within the company, as well as, with suppliers and customers – both short- and long-term – is one of our main priorities.


Employer of the Year

FOCUS Business appointed KTN Dr. Neuberger GmbH in 2018 and INTERCO GmbH in 2019, as the top employer of medium-sized companies. The survey is not only based on evaluations made by employees on kununu, but also on the analyses of the business magazine FOCUS.


Our social commitment



We are Bronze Partner of DKMS LIFE; our support is a matter of personal commitment, which is why we not only donate our products, but also offer cosmetic seminars.

Regional and national youth projects

We have been supporting the youth team of the VC Wiesbaden in the 2nd Bundesliga since 2018. Highlighting the fact that sustainable youth projects are an important aspect and criterion for our commitment.

Additional Measures

We are happy to help and support social institutions through in kind donations and sponsoring – e.g. volunteer fire department, sports clubs, and kindergartens.

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PRO Paws

We are actively involved in animal protection and have been supporting Deutschland hums regionally and Wale & Dolphin Conservation nationally since 2020.

For the protection of animal and the environment

Germany is buzzing – we buzz along!

The protection of wild bees is also of utmost importance to us. That is why we encourage the initiative “Deutschland summt”, which, together with other projects throughout Germany, works to protect bees and to provide diverse habitats. In addition, we are currently building our own bee hotel, which will soon welcome its first guests on the premises of the DR. NEUBERGER GROUP.


WDC – the Whale and Dolphin Conservation – is the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to the conservation of whales and dolphins and their habitats. By sponsoring the humpback whale "Salt", we make our contribution to the protection of marine mammals. In doing so, we support WDC's research work to assess and secure the population size and health of whales.

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Cruelty Free

How we feel about animal testing

We generally reject animal testing! However, many consumers do not even know that animal testing is prohibited by law in Europe anyway! Unfortunately, many still remain to believe that cosmetic products or raw materials sold in Europe have been tested on animals; although this claim is false.

Moreover, products manufactured outside the EU may only be sold in the EU if they have not been tested on animals (Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products ("EU Cosmetics Regulation")).

This is why we do not use the Leaping Bunny label Because it is forbidden for us as a European cosmetics company to carry out animal testing or have it carried out. Since it is self-evident, we are not allowed to write it on our products. That is why we refrain from using the well-known bunny symbol or any other cruelty-free claims.

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