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Social Commitment

KTN Dr. Neuberger supports DKMS LIFE!

Who is the DKMS LIFE and what do they do?

DKMS LIFE GmbH was founded in 1995 using the American model "Look Good ... Feel Better". It`s a subsidiary of the DKMS, the world's largest stem cell donor file in the fight against blood cancer.

Every year around 230,000 girls and women in Germany become ill with cancer. DKMS LIFE has therefore set itself the task of giving hope and courage to as many as possible girls and women suffering from cancer in order to support them during their therapy and to positively influence their healing process. Nationwide, DKMS LIFE organizes more than 1,300 cosmetic care seminars for cancer patients in therapy in more than 290 medical facilities each year. More than 130,000 cancer patients have already been able to participate. The goal is to expand the program and to offer the seminars nationwide throughout Germany. The non-profit organization DKMS LIFE relies on donations for its work.

The KTN Neuberger GmbH is Bronze Partner of DKMS LIFE and supports you with personal commitment to cosmetic seminars and product donations.

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Other social activities

We like to help and support social institutions through donations in kind and sponsoring – e.g. volunteer fire department, sports clubs or kindergartens. May we help you, too? Contact us.

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