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Quality & Production

A good manufacturing practice is a precondition for good quality. Good quality is of highest priority for us. For that reason our regularly audited production sites comply with comprehensive requirements which derive from legal stipulations (e.g. EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009/EC) or international industrial norms (e.g. ISO 22716 cGMP, EN71) but as well from requirements regulating the working environment (e.g. BSCI).

Quality concept

KTN checked quality

The KTN „checked quality“ („geprüfte Qualität”) concept is based on three pillars: Raw material control, innate local quality control and analytical lab controls.

Our products are subject to our own, strict quality criteria. Right from the beginning during product development we already exclude certain raw materials which are legally permissible but scientifically debated. Further to that, our own local team is taking care of meeting the required product specifications and conducts quality control inspections.

In addition to the required controls at the production sites we have the running production analyzed on a regular basis according to our own criteria (not exceeding permissible limits, no traces of critical substances, etc.) at renowned laboratories.

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Sourcing & Manufacturing

The KTN Sourcing and Manufacturing strategy applies high standards to its production sites which are all subject to an individual procedure of checks and approvals. Among the criteria for checking are the ability to meet the relevant ISO norms and legal requirements (including, but not limited to ISO 22716, EU Regulation 1223/2009/EC), as well as the meeting of relevant workplace standards (e.g. according to BSCI).

In addition to that, the production sites are subject to regular audits in order to ensure that the requirements are met.

The realization of legal and customer specific requirements is being ensured through our own local quality control measures.



We’re a member of IKW e.V. (the German Perfume and Toiletry Association) as well as amfori (formerly BSCI & FTA - Foreign Trade Association) and we request our suppliers to comply with the social standards under BSCI (Business Social Compliance).

Being a member of these organizations helps us to identify important topics at an early stage, to understand them and to deduct action points relevant for our business model.

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